Key Benefits

Numerous clinical studies have been performed with Apheresis systems for the treatment of ulcerative colitis before. Immunopure is a device with selective adsorptive characteristic for the treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis. It is an adsorption column, which can adsorb through their special surface properties of inflammatory cells but can also adsorb platelets.

Recent studies have shown that granulocytes, monocytes and platelets play an important role in the local inflammatory process of the gut’s mucosa. Therefore the reduction of tissue infiltration by inflammatory cells and the prevention of transmigration of pro-inflammatory peripheral blood cells to the site of inflammation is indicated.

Beside monocytes and granulocytes Immunopure is able to adsorb platelets as well.

The apheresis with Immunopure is a safe venous to venous procedure with less side effects. It includes five treatments in a weekly interval at a blood flow of 30 ml/min for 60 minutes under Heparin anticoagulation.


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