The ideals that we, the Nikkiso Group, pursue are formulated from the expectations of our many stakeholders — our customers, investors, and business partners who hold our Group in high regard.

For more than half a century, the Nikkiso Group has been providing original technologies and products in order to meet the demands of our customers, society, and the times we live in. In the key industrial sectors, the Group has been engaged in such areas as energy and petrochemicals, and our high-pressure and powder-handling technologies have supported the research and manufacture of IT and other high-tech products. In the medical equipment industry, we have been involved mainly in hemodialysis-related products, and in the aircraft industry, components found in airplane engine thrust reversers feature carbon fibers developed by Nikkiso. Recently, we have made strides in the new field of nanotechnology. We endeavor to have greater sensitivity in understanding what is expected of the Nikkiso Group, and strive to continue meeting these expectations in a more timely and more precise manner. This is the starting point of our ideals.

We will achieve our ideals by continuing our efforts to enhance the value of the Group through our operations, and by ensuring the steady return of profits to the various stakeholders.

We aspire to be a corporation that enables those who belong to or are employed by the Nikkiso Group to always have a sense of pride in being part of such a vibrant organization. It is our sincere hope that the sense of challenge, job satisfaction, and achievement felt by each and every one of these individuals will in turn give them a dream to reach for and a sense of accomplishment. The dreams and passion embraced by our people will become a source of satisfaction to our customers, and will, as a consequence, lead to the further growth of our Group. This is yet another ideal.

In order for our Group to realize these many ideals, we are viewing our operations from a medium-term and long-term perspective, and moving ever closer to our goals, one firm step at a time, through our efforts to promote globalization by ensuring that procurement, production, and sales are carried out at the most suitable locations, and by raising productivity in all areas of production and operation, in addition to actively pursuing business opportunities created from solid new concepts and ideas.

The ideals we pursue are not fixed, nor are they mere extensions of past visions. We will constantly strive to reach these lofty goals, while staying mindful of where we are today. And in order to attain these objectives, we always give careful thought to what must be done now, and then promptly follow through in carrying out actions.

You can expect great things from the Nikkiso Group’s ideals.